Western Carolina University Kilobots

If you are interested in the Self-Organizing Systems Research Groups’ Kilobot Project at Harvard, you might have attempted to build the Kilobots or have purchased them from K-team, and then compile your code at Kilobotics.

This website is dedicated to the people who plan to build the Kilobots themselves and the people who enjoy using Kilobots for swarm robotics based research and educational projects.

We attempted to build the Kilobots ourselves, and we found that some clarifications and revisions would really help, especially on distance calibration. See our papers below.

From 2018 to 2020, a graduate student, Anik Tahabilder, had worked on updating the board design from PADS to Altium and adding more space  in the most crowded area than in our first design, to make the design more accessible and easier to solder. However, we have not tested this design in hardware yet, and hence we do NOT assume any liablity. You can download it from the Resources page. 

The Capstone Teams have presented the project with the followng posters:

  • 2017 WCU Research and Scholarship Celebration (Undergraduate Expo), on common labs such as edge following and gradient pattern poster
  • 2017 WCU CET Capstone Symposium, on the common labs and 3D printed parts poster
  • 2018 WCU CET Capstone Symposium, on localization and self-disassembly poster

Some simulation results in Matlab and Kilomobo are reported below: